Bogofs and 'two-fors' could be ditched in Scotland under plans to curb household waste.

Scottish ministers are looking at introducing guidelines on retail promotions or restricting offers, arguing that they encourage consumers to buy more than they need and create unnecessary waste.

This week the Scottish Executive released the responses of a consultation into preventing household waste. It found that 14 respondents thought that bogofs contributed to household waste and should be restricted or replaced with half-price offers for single items. Others said that consumers should only buy bogofs for dried or canned foods. However, seven respondents thought that no action should be taken, while three said that there was not enough evidence to suggest that bogofs increased waste.

A spokesman for Asda said: "I'm sure our Scottish customers would be the first to tell the legislators to bogof with their silly idea. We're committed to giving customers every day low prices all year round. We're also committed to cutting waste - by 2010 we will stop sending anything to landfill, and over the next 18 months we will reduce packaging by at least 10%."

The Scottish Executive said that it would release its findings later this year.