More than half a million CitizenCard proof of age cards will be in use by this time next year, according to the director of the scheme. Andrew Chevis said a number of initiatives would help to drive up usage. The card has been given a new look, to make it more appealing to young people, and the point of sale and application forms have been revamped to reflect the change. Retailer packs containing the new point of sale material and application cards will be sent out by Camelot to all its agents. Other CitizenCard backers such as the Newsagents Federation and Association of Convenience Stores will be sending packs to members. Another new offer with the card is £200 of vouchers for items such as music, travel and clothes. In addition, all 16 and 17 year olds will be able to obtain a card free of charge after one of CitizenCard's backers, British American Tobacco, offered to foot the bill. The card's proof of age ability is also being extended onto the internet. CitizenCard is offering to verify the age of people logging on to "teen chat rooms" on the internet. It said the move had been spurred by recent cases of paedophiles trying to contact children by logging on to teen chat rooms and pretending to be teenagers. Chevis said the scheme would use the card number and a codeword to verify a user's identity, and internet service providers were considering the scheme. {{NEWS }}