Retailers must ensure they are following correct CCTV protocol or risk their footage being discredited in court, the British Security Industry Association has warned.
The prolific uptake of digital systems has pushed the issue up the agenda as there have been successful challenges in Australia over the possibility that digital recordings have been tampered with, said Pauline Norstum, vice chairman of the BSIA’s CCTV division.
“Ensuring that digital CCTV footage will withstand scrutiny in court is dependent on a number of factors, including image quality and authenticity, storage, the method used to export images, playback, operator and owner awareness and comprehensive audit trail.”
She added: “Ultimately, we want there to be an independent benchmark so there can be the same confidence in the validity of digital media in court as there is in VHS tape from a VCR.”
The BSIA has published a code of practice highlighting the pitfalls of the system. Next month it plans a supplementary CCTV code to protect companies against chip and PIN fraud.