The National Federation of Retail Newsagents and the Periodical Publishers Association have teamed up for a campaign to boost indies' magazine sales.

The bodies will work together through the PPA's Retail Marketing Group to make extra copies of 60 top-selling magazines available to 500 NFRN members. The move comes amid fears among some independent newsagents that they do not get the same level of service from publishers as the multiples do.

"We are pleased that magazine publishers and distributors are working with independent retailers on availability and that 500 of our members will benefit from getting the best-selling titles they need," said NFRN national news development manager Brian Murphy. "We hope to grow members' confidence in the sector."

Kate McElroy of the PPA added: "We will review the results with a view to conducting regular campaigns across a larger cross-section of independent retailers. This collaborative approach will ultimately drive sales to benefit all members of the supply chain."

Last month Menzies Distribution revealed magazine sales slipped 2.3% in the six months to 30 June