United Biscuits is making inroads with its Go Ahead! range by extending its cereal bars offering in time for the New Year health kick.
The company is building on the success of its Yogurt Break product with a strawberry variant as well as launching a new line called Fruit Tops that builds on the growing popularity of dried fruits.
Available in an apricot variant, Fruit Tops is a low-fat cereal bar topped with fruit pieces that United Biscuits said would attract new consumers to the fixture. Available in boxes of six (rsp: £1.55) from January, new flavours are likely to be added later in the year.
According to United Biscuits, fruit is the biggest sector of the cereal bar market, with a 46% share.
Go Ahead! is also introducing a range of Crinkly Crisps and potato and rice Crispy Bites, with a new brand identity from January, including a fresh logo and pack design to highlight the lower fat message of the brand.