A new product from Norway has been launched in the UK that can dechlorinate tap water within five minutes.
Vivatap, which comes in teabag-like sachets (about a quarter of the size of a standard teabag), contains a natural coral algae harvested from the Arctic Sea.
As well as removing chlorine, it is claimed it also raises the mineral content of water and ensures a neutral pH balance.
One sachet can dechlorinate up to two litres of water. The process involves just shaking or stirring the water and Vivatap for four seconds, then waiting five minutes for the water to be ready to drink.
The rsp is £2.99 for a pack of 18 sachets, which equates to 8p per litre of water.
Vivatap is currently in negotiations with the major multiples. A spokeswoman for the Norwegian company said the product was usually merchandised within health and wellbeing or housewares categories in stores.