The sun may have had his hat on, but customer service at the top six supermarkets was more than a little frosty in this last week of July. Packing trolleys and empty boxes were once again a common bugbear for our shoppers, with not one of them reporting clear aisles in any of the stores visited.

Bins were overflowing in Asda's Longwell Green store carpark, where aisles were congested with packing trolleys, and she was not offered help packing her goods.Morrisons in Killingworth performed better in terms of store presentation, but our shopper had a ten-minute wait at checkout before his items were scanned.

Meanwhile, our shopper at Sainsbury's Forrestside store in Belfast said staff were "reckless" in moving stacking trolleys. Staff were hard to find, and the fact that only two of seven checkouts were open in the off-licence section made queuing times "impossibly long". Our Waitrose shopper also had difficulty moving around the aisles, and trouble locating some products due to "illogical merchandising". Washing-up liquid was kept by the bread, for instance.

While our Somerfield shopper also had a few complaints about trolleys, the store was clean and tidy, and he was helped by polite and well-presented staff on the floor. He spent just 30 seconds queuing at the checkout, where he was greeted by a friendly assistant, helping the Hale store in Cheshire to win this week's Top Store Award.