Healthy ready meals are a key area of opportunity for food retailers and manufacturers according to the latest research from the IGD. Food Consumption 2002 says ready meals are still seen as unhealthy, and the market for "healthy convenience" is being overlooked. The IGD argues that because many older consumers' diets are shaped by medical requirements such as heart disease or diabetes, demand for options for people on special diets would grow. On organics, the report concludes that growth is being held back because supply lags behind demand. As for regionality, although customers are interested in buying local foods, particularly women in Wales and the Midlands, they are unlikely to compromise on quality, appearance, cost or availability. The three main reasons why shoppers switch supermarkets are revealed as wider product choice (25%), special promotions (19%), and shorter queues (18%). Few of those questioned were planning to shop online, the two main barriers being the inability to pick familiar products and a dislike of using computers. {{NEWS }}