‘Miracle’ water brand Lakeland Willow is being relaunched by its new owners, with fresh labelling and a new sparkling variant.
The brand will also flag up the fact that it contains more than 100mg of calcium per litre, among the highest content in the market.
‘Natural aspirin’ salicin will continue to play its part on labels, although the company plans to move the brand away from its current fame as a cure for skin ailments, a reputation earned by testimonials from the likes of celebrity cook Clarissa Dickson Wright.
However, David Kearns, new sales director at Willow Water following its buyout by Swinton
Insurance heir Brian Scowcroft last month (The Grocer, November 19, p10), said the first goal had been to address the distribution problems that caused the previous company’s owners to put the business into administration.
“One of the brand’s problems has been staying on display due to the way some loyal consumers bulk buy,” said Kearns, adding that the problem had been flagged up with Sainsbury and Waitrose. He said keeping Willow on shelf, as well as introducing a sparkling version in 1.5 litre bottles in the new year, would help push the brand’s retail value above its current annual level of £3m.
A marketing push around cricket, including a tie up with Lancashire Cricket Club, and an ad in Waitrose Food Illustrated will support the brand.
Simon Mowbray