The number of hazardous and faulty non-food goods recalled from the market has rocketed by 64%, according to the latest half-year analysis of European Commission figures by PricewaterhouseCoopers.
By the end of June, an average of two recalls a day were being posted on the EC website, with 351 reports filed in the six-month period.
The UK is in fourth place on the European Union member recall tables - after Germany, Hungary, and Portugal.
Worst offending products include children’s toys and electrical goods such as coffee makers and toasters.
PricewaterhouseCoopers put the hike down to implementation last February of the General Product Safety Directive, which increased manufacturers’ obligations to report and recall potentially unsafe or defective goods. The regulation is stoking demand for greater insurance and product recall cover - and there is a growing awareness of penalties for non-compliance.
In the UK, companies that fail to withdraw unsafe goods could soon face fines up to £20,000 or 12 months in jail in terms of proposals now under discussion.