Reckitt Benckiser has cut its total carbon footprint by 11% in just two years, according to its latest sustainability report.

The maker of Finish, Vanish and Cillit Bang had committed to a 20% reduction from 2007 levels by 2020, as part of its ambitious Carbon 20 programme.

But by the end of 2009 the firm had achieved an 11.25% reduction per dose in its products’ total carbon footprint, putting the firm halfway towards its 2020 goal already.

The report said the reduction was achieved despite the fact that the company provided consumers with an additional 68 billion doses of its products in 2009 versus 2007, due primarily to growth in market share and acquisitions.

“The eco-efficiency of our products’ entire lifecycle improved by 6.25% between 2007 and 2009 in terms of their carbon footprint,” the report said.

“The growth in our products Total Carbon Footprint was kept to only 5%, despite an 18% growth in the use of our products, including from acquisitions. This suggests we are being successful in decoupling business growth from our products’ climate change impact.”

The firm has also introduced 100% non-PVC packaging for household products.

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