From Mike Taylor, by e-mail

Sir; I have for more years than I care to remember subscribed to your magazine and each week somewhere in the jobs section will be one or two adverts stating applicants must be 25 to 37 or under 45.

While the government has made great strides to tackle ageism with legislation due to come into effect in 2006, it
appears the vast majority of companies that engage a sales force still want to employ people below the age of 40.

I have spoken to many an agency of late and the conversation throughout has usually been very positive until age is discussed. Although I am assured that will definitely not be a problem, I usually hear no more from them.

As an ex-national sales manager with more than 30 years experience in both the food and non-food sector, I never imagined obtaining a new position would be so difficult.

To date, I have applied for in excess of 60 vacancies and with over 50 I simply received a standard ‘thank you but no thanks letter’.