DBC Foodservice has reported a fourfold increase in the amount of waste it recycles at the first of its depots to take part in a new scheme to eliminate landfill.

The Cardiff depot used to recycle 23% of its 83 tonnes of annual waste. Since starting work with The Recycling Company three months ago, the figure has jumped to 96%.

The depot now saves all its recyclable material, which is then collected by TRC every month. TRC also sorts through DBC's general waste every week and has salvaged about 40% for recycling. The move would save the depot £9,000 on waste costs each year, the company said.

Three other sites are due to go live over the next three weeks with a complete rollout set for 2012.

TRC does not charge DBC to collect waste from its Cardiff site, but will receive a small fee for servicing the remainder of its 12 depots.