Britvic Soft Drinks has officially announced a £4m summer support programme for stimulant drink Red Devil.
The sum, first revealed in The Grocer (May 3 p53), will fund a multimedia campaign, said the company, which will include radio advertising, sponsorship, sampling and press ads. Highlights of the Red Devil Beware his influence' campaign will include sponsorship of the Glastonbury rock festival and Radio 1's One Big Sunday event.
Britvic hopes Red Devil will become a worthy contender to market leader Red Bull by initially claiming second spot in the crowded energy drinks sector.
At the moment, a cluster of brands including Lipovitan Vitality and Red Alert are also vying for that honour.
Britvic adult drinks controller Katie Rawll said: "Energy drinks deliver high margins for retailers and licensees and the whole sub-category is very much in growth.
"This support will drive Red Devil into the number two energy slot and increase profits for our customers."