Two new energy drinks were among the launches at Expo.
Raw Energy Fuel Cell was using a different proposition in a bid to power its way into the competitive sector. The Canadian vitamin and glucose drink, which is endorsed by World Wrestling Entertainment, contains no taurine and has less caffeine than rival offerings.
It also comes in 330ml PET bottles as opposed to the sector’s more usual 250ml cans.
Matt Collins, director of UK distributor EDS Brokers, said: “Everyone has tried to take on Red Bull, but what’s the point in taking on the biggest brand in the sector?”
Instead, he said, the new offering went “against the grain”.
London-based American Bull said it was charging straight up against Red Bull. Spokesman Alkesh Kanani said the brand, packaged in black cans with gold lettering, was aiming for a loyal Asian fanbase through independent retailers before launching to a wider market.
He said: “The product has very attractive packaging and we believe it tastes better than others, including Red Bull.”