from Julia Collis, Headcount field marketing company

Sir; You reported on two issues, stock availability and PoP compliance (Impact of PoP not measured, The Grocer, September 18, p12) which are closely related.
The statistics quoted surely made many people’s blood run cold. According to IGD, only 41% of stores place PoP correctly. The Grocer’s Stockwatch survey shows that 12% of products are out of stock at peak selling times, rising to 21% on promotions.
It is all too easy to identify the causes of these problems throughout the supply chain. While improved systems, processes and logistics go a long way towards a solution, the single point of failure is often the store. This is not meant as a criticism of store staff. Suppliers need to recognise the priorities retailers must juggle each day and the impact this may have on individual brand initiatives.
By grasping this nettle and employing resource from within the company or a field marketing partner to ensure availability and compliance, they can stop gambling on success and invest in it instead.