Adams is aiming to rejuvenate its medicated confectionery brand Halls Soothers by bringing in a new flavour and revamping packaging and formulations. It is also investing £5m in a marketing campaign and a trade relaunch. The repositioning is aimed at de-seasonalising the sector. It follows research which concluded that half of all sales come from regular users who don't just use them when they have a sore throat. New peach and raspberry flavour joins the strawberry, blackcurrant and cherry variants. All variants now contain more real fruit juice. Further flavours are planned. Packaging carries fruit illustrations and has a shiny finish, a look that has been carried through to the trade display outers. A marketing programme kicks off in May with magazine and radio ads. It also includes consumer PR and sampling with five million four-sweet mini packs given away at sports and leisure venues, or on magazine covers. Trade promotions are planned. {{MARKETING - P&P }}