Halewood International is launching new variants of its Sidekick and Red Square drinks, insisting that there is still interest from retailers in the RTD sector.
While it has reduced its Red Square Reloaded range, Halewood is now putting increased focus on its best-selling five flavours and it is launching Reloaded Juiced, which includes grape, raspberry and cranberry flavours.
The 5.1%abv drink, which will be launched on May 1 and supported by TV advertising, will be sold in a 70cl bottle (rsp £2.99) followed by a 275ml version a few weeks later.
Richard Clark, marketing controller for the brand, said: “Reloaded Juiced is particularly exciting as it brings together juice and energy, and we expect it to introduce new drinkers to the RTD category.”
Halewood is also launching its shot brand, Sidekick, into a 35cl bottle for its 14.5%abv Choc Mint cream variant (rsp £3.99).