Dunnes Stores has launched a wage war in the Irish Republic, offering a new pay and benefits package for staff and challenging competitors to match it. In a major advertising campaign in the national press and on its web site (right), it details terms of up to I£7.50 an hour, plus a 20% staff discount, and declares: Compare these rates to Tesco, Supervalu, Superquinn, Penneys and others in your area and you will see the difference. At this rate, you'll be better off working for us!' Mandate, the Irish shopworkers' union, is now pressing Tesco, Superquinn and the other chains at least to match these increases. "The deal offered by Dunnes is a recognition of the reality of the market, that there is a chronic shortage of retail staff," said Mandate's John Douglas. "All the multiples are feeling it, with hundreds of vacancies. If you want a job these days, you can literally write your own working hours and conditions. The minimum wage is irrelevant. "Stores are going from house to house in some areas trying to recruit, while some staff are being offered bounty payments to persuade brothers, sisters or friends to take jobs." {{NEWS }}