>>fad diets can be transient phenomena

The low-carb craze came over from the US, where 73 million adults are attempting to restrict their carbohydrate intake [TNS NFO, June 2004].
Last year, 60% of adults in the UK restricted their carbohydrate intake by up to 5% [Family Food Panel], with the low-carb market now worth £26m. In the past year, 2.8 million households have bought a low-carb product, with the most spend going on snack bars.
Sales jumped with post-Christmas dieting and heavy promotional activity encouraging more households to buy into the market.
Tesco was the first retailer to launch an own-label range, which arrived this year and has generated sales of more than £500,000 in the past month alone. It is still too early to measure its success and suppliers should be aware that 40% of people on low-carb diets have tried another diet.
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