October's Monthly Monitor from Seymour shows independents with a bigger share of the retail newstrade from May to July than forecast. The shift is one of several in the report, which has changed its method of calculating the retail market share by taking data not only from WHS but from WH Smith News, John Menzies and Surridge Dawson. Independents held 42.7% over the three months, compared with an estimate published last month of 39.7%. However, they show a loss of 0.2% on the previous three monthly average. WHS Combined fell short of the estimate, recording a 14.9% share. Seymour says this is because John Menzies and Surridge Dawson have lower shares for WH Smith Combined and WH Smith News, and independents have a much bigger slice. Other significant losses shown after the new calcultions are T&S Stores ­ down from the 3.3% forecast to 2.1% and Stars News ­ now 0.6% instead of 1.3%. Seymour says the new formula gives a more accurate representation of the total market. Four groups show losses year-on-year: T&S Stores (down 0.9%), Independents down 0.4%), TM Retail (down 0.4%) and WHS Combined (down 0.2%). Two groups show significant increases year-on-year. Tesco is up 0.5% to 6.7% and Safeway is up 0.2% to 3.0%). Two other groups show a healthy increase for their overall size, Woolworths (up 0.07% to 0.98%) and Stars News (up 0.05% to 0.60%). {{CTN }}