Asda is poised to replace diesel-fuelled fridges in its transport fleet with a silent emission-free 'ecoFridge', in a move designed to reduce carbon emissions and noise pollution.

The liquid-nitrogen-fuelled fridges are being tested in seven lorries at the retailer's Skelmersdale depot. The trial alone is expected to save 860 tonnes worth of carbon emissions.

If it proves successful, the ecoFridge will be rolled out to Asda's entire fleet of temperature-controlled

distribution trailers, resulting in a reduction of 70,000 tonnes of carbon emissions over the next five years.

Maintainance costs for the fridges will be 65%

lower than those for the fridges currently in use.

"This solves the problem of delivering goods to stores in residential areas, especially at night, due to the silent-running of the technology," said Asda network transport manager Chris Hall.

Asda lorries were converted to run on a bio-diesel mix last year, cutting carbon tail-pipe emissions by 3%.