Independent retailers have lashed out at the terms offered to them by the Post Office, calling them “ridiculous” and “nothing short of a disgrace”.
Writing to The Grocer, subpostmaster John Beswick said: “I am not allowed to offer electricity key charging for the dominant local supplier. Those in my community with a card meter face a round trip of 18 miles to Boston to top up their supply.”
One retailer said: “In October the Post Office/Alliance & Leicester changed my cash machine from non-charging to £1.50 surcharge. This has caused huge problems with my customers and my attempts to resolve the issue with the Post Office have had no effect.”
The comments follow the Association of Convenience Stores’ complaint to the Office of Fair Trading over the Post Office’s dealings with independent retailers last week.
The association will meet Martin O’Neill, head of the Department of Trade and Industry’s all-party select committee, to discuss the complaint on December 21.