Retailers blast salt reduction reporting process as inaccurate

Some retailers won’t give a statistical breakdown

Retailers have clashed with the government over the transparency of their reporting on salt reduction.

The Grocer has learnt several of the 80 retailers and suppliers signed up to the Responsibility Deal salt reduction pledge failed to hit a May deadline to report on their progress - and are refusing to provide a statistical breakdown of their performance in the way the DH demands.

Some companies claim the reporting process itself is flawed.

“The current format does not allow for a true reflection of progress against salt targets year-on-year,” said Asda, which is one of the companies refusing to complete the tick box-based report, despite bringing a further 3,000 lines within DH salt targets in the past year.

It was “quite clear” the forms had not been filled in in the way the DH wanted, admitted BRC deputy food director Andrea Martinez-Inchausti. “But this is not a case of companies not being transparent. It is a reflection of this being both a very time-consuming process but also a feeling from some that this reporting process does not provide an accurate reflection of the work they are doing.”