Further stock of Crazy Bones ­ wacky cartoon heads that children can play, trade, and collect ­ has been put into wholesale after some retailers were unable to meet sharply increased demand. Distributor MMC released extra supplies to wholesalers last week ahead of the next phase of promotional activity for Crazy Bones. This will see 250,000 free sample packets distributed to more than 3,000 schools across the UK, and is expected to prompt fresh demand. Ben Harper, client relations manager at MMC, said demand for Crazy Bones had escalated sharply recently, even though the toys and the accompanying album have been on sale since February. Predicting reaction to collectibles ­ which often rely on playground word of mouth to achieve popularity ­ is notoriously difficult, but Harper believes the extra stock will do the trick. "As with any collectable, a core of children get interested and it either takes off from there or it doesn't. Crazy Bones certainly has ­ helped by some TV advertising ­ but some retailers in certain areas couldn't get enough. "We hope we've taken sufficient action over the last few weeks to make sure every wholesaler has adequate supplies." Harper added that Crazy Bones was likely to stay on sale for about another two months. {{CTN }}