Support for the Haslemere Loyalty Scheme is gathering pace, with 31 retailers now committed to the project.

The Haslemere Chamber of Trade, which is backing the Haslemere Initiative, is planning to run an Independents Day on 4 July to celebrate independents in the area. Retailers have agreed to offer shoppers double the normal points on purchases for the day.

The programme was launched in November in Haslemere, Surrey, with 21 retailers initially agreeing to participate.

Shoppers pay £5 for a card, which can be bought from any participating retailer and can carry its brand. They then accumulate one point for every £1 they spend, which they can exchange for goods and services. The Haslemere Initiative group is considering extending the range of services on offer to include points for parking locally.

Surbiton, Surrey, has launched a similar scheme and other areas of the UK are also considering loyalty card programmes.