A centre to help businesses get to grips with new Radio Frequency Identification technology and ensure universal standards is to be set up in the UK. Backed by computer giants Intel and Microsoft, the project aims to help companies integrate the systems and overcome any problems.
The initiative was welcomed by one of the companies currently piloting use of the technology in the UK. This will offer “commercially robust solutions” for customers and suppliers, according to Diageo Global Supply innovation development manager Tony Rogers. “One of the key barriers to RFID implementation is the lack of RFID education, experimentation and skilled resources - if the RFID centre helps fill this gap, then this can only be a good thing.”
The centre will demonstrate RFID applications and provide advice and testing services.
Centre director Ed Cowley said: “Most of the issues and pitfalls are going to be shared.
“We can save everyone a lot of time and money if they do not have to tread the path on their own.”
The initiative, to be launched later this year, will also be supported by the DTI.