A rapping robin called Rocky R is the star of a new TV advertising campaign for Fox’s Biscuits mini Rocky Rounds.

Hitting the small screen early next month, the commercial is the first for any Rocky product in seven years and the character is an updated version of previous brand ambassador Rocky Robin.

Styled to look like an R&B pop video, the ad targets eight to 11-year-olds and aims to create playground credibility for the brand.

It features Rocky R - complete
with bling-bling gold jewellery and fur-trimmed coat - in a world of red carpets, adoring fans, paparazzi, limousines, glamorous girlfriends, DJs and parties.

His rap about the mini crunchy chocolate-covered biscuits includes the lines: “I’m rappin’ ‘bout snakin’ on the new Rocky Rounds - they’re crakin’”.

The key objective, according to the company, is to drive trial and repeat purchase of the Original and Caramel flavoured Rounds, while “reminding consumers of the parent brand”.