The egg industry has been slammed for unclear labels on its packs.
The RSPCA said the labelling was confusing consumers. While labels for free range, barn or organic products were clear, this was often not the case for battery-farmed eggs, it said.
A survey by Mori, commissioned by the RSPCA, revealed many consumers associate labels such as ‘Healthy Living’ and ‘Fresh Eggs’ with either free range or barn eggs, when in fact they refer to battery-farmed eggs.
Separate research showed some supermarkets were not complying with European regulations which said egg packaging must carry labelling that indicates the method of production.
Caroline Le Sueur, senior scientific officer, said: “Egg labelling is still confusing consumers and the RSPCA is concerned that many
supermarkets are not doing enough to address this. Those who want to buy higher standards of animal welfare are being misled by incorrect and illegal labelling.”