Frozen food specialist RVP Foods is taking its Oriental Express brand into a new arena with the launch of vegetable stir-fry meal accompaniments. Stir Fry Essentials will continue the brand's value-for-money heritage, coming in price-marked packs costing 99p. The offerings include Chinese mainstays such as Egg Fried Rice and Chinese Noodles, both of which come in 425g packs. The rest of the range is made up by 340g or 400g bags of Beansprouts, Waterchestnuts, Bamboo Shoot mix and Chinese Vegetables ­ all without seasoning. All the newcomers will benefit from a planned £5m TV ad push for Oriental Express this Autumn which will also encompass the brand's new Sizzling Stir Fry range (The Grocer, June 22, P49). Michaela Blunden, marketing director at RVP, said: "Essentials is a completely new departure as it includes (frozen) Chinese-style veg that you can't get anywhere else." {{P&P }}