MLC's Meat Demand Trends offers an even more illuminating portrayal of the total UK trade than usual in the latest edition. A new consumption analysis including imported meat product volume estimates shows total market growth severely skewed. Consumed tonnages of beef, sheepmeat and pork were all lower last year than in the early '90s. Of course poultry volume inflated dramatically, from 1.23m tonnes to 1.68m tonnes, but bacon was the only other growth category. Perhaps even more surprising is the evidence of sharp contraction in the volume of meat, apart from poultry, consumed in the home as traditional cuts or joints of carcase meat, including mince. Despite BSE, beef fared less badly than lamb, which shrunk by a third. On the other hand, total catering usage of beef diminished. Pork lost ground in both the household fresh and catering sectors, though there was some growth in consumption of processed pork in the home. {{MEAT }}