The take-home soft drinks sector showed its resilience with sales up an inflation-beating 2.8% in 2007 to £6.07bn despite one of the wettest summers on record.

Cola remains the biggest category, with a 21% share of the market, having risen 2% in value in the year to December, according to the Britvic Soft Drinks Report published this week. But stimulant and sports drinks recorded some of the most impressive growth.

Glucose drinks rose 25% to £481m and sports drinks rose 16% to £154m, with the main brands in the category posting double-digit growth. Red Bull, the UK's sixth-biggest take-home brand, grew 23% to £170m, while the second biggest, Lucozade, grew 14% to £338m.

Juice drinks and bottled water were hit by the weather, however. After 7% growth in 2006, juice drinks grew only 1% in value to £671m, boosted by a 21% growth in Coca-Cola Enterprises' Oasis brand. The bottled water category, meanwhile, fell 3% to £463m with volume falling 6%.