The Food Standards Agency should be spending the £6m it is investing in the salt awareness campaign on providing health advice and treatment, says the Salt Manufacturers’ Association.
The second phase of the FSA’s campaign, which started last year featuring Sid the Slug, will go live from October 10. The initiative has been cited by Mintel as a key reason for slowing salt sales.
But the advertising has drawn criticism from campaigners who claim it has demonised salt.
“We wonder how the FSA can justify spending huge amounts of money given that no one has yet proved that cutting salt produces any long-term health benefits,” SMA general secretary Peter Sherratt told The Grocer. “The money would have been better spent on a massive free blood-testing
programme allied to dietary advice and appropriate hypertensive treatment. That would do far more to lower the nation’s blood pressure.”
As part of its counter-campaign, the SMA has come up with a list of experts willing to assert the benefits of salt. The FSA refused to comment on its campaign ahead of its launch, other than to confirm Sid the Slug has been dropped.
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