Fish and chips

The government is to release new salt reduction targets

The government has slammed the out-of-home sector for failing to respond to its calls for voluntary action to reduce salt levels.

The Department of Health has vowed to draw up maximum per serving salt targets for caterers as part of its future salt reduction strategy, but said the plan had been hampered because of the dismal response from the sector.

“There has been very poor sign-up from the out-of-home sector, especially from the catering sector,” said Professor Susan Jebb, chair of the Responsibility Deal food network.

The government is soon to release new targets across 85 different food products for retailers and suppliers, with all the major companies signed up to the Deal.

But Jebb added: “Just because retailers and suppliers have shouldered the biggest share of the weight of the Deal to date, doesn’t mean they should use this lack of uptake from the out-of-home sector as an excuse not to do more.”