Scottish convenience chain David Sands has created a new chilled distribution hub for local suppliers at its warehouse in Kinross, Fife. Sands, which owns 23 stores across Fife, Kinross and Perthshire, has made a "five-figure investment" in refrigeration at the depot and a temperature-controlled vehicle to service it. The initiative is designed to bolster the chilled service the company already receives from Nisa-Today's. David Sands stores will now also get twice-weekly deliveries of chilled local products through its Kinross centre. The hub has the capacity to take product from up to 20 local suppliers. But MD David Sands said the move was not a case of jumping on the local sourcing bandwagon. "We were offering local products long before it was fashionable," he said. "This is about stepping up what we already do. We want to attract local suppliers who can provide us with quality products that give our customers another reason to shop at David Sands."