Save Money! will hit the newsstands on November 9 with the promise to do for its readers just what the title suggests. Uniquely, the new magazine will offer a money back guarantee ­ if readers cannot save a minimum of £30 using information contained in the first six issues of Save Money! they will be given £30 in cash. The publisher Crimson reckons many readers will save that amount by following advice in the first issue alone. Crimson claims Save Money! will be the "only personal finance magazine to offer plain English financial advice to confused consumers". Advertising manager Richard Duxbury said: "There's a huge group of younger, less knowledgeable readers who are excluded from the current money magazines. The financial industry has been waiting for a product like this." The monthly title will be priced at £3.00 and the launch issue has a print run of 20,000. {{CTN }}