Health campaigners have warned schools to identify caffeine addicts amongst their students, as energy drinks continue to rise in popularity in school playgrounds.

Bob Tait of Drug Education UK told school nurses that rising caffeine intake was a increasing problem among youngsters, according to Nursing Standard magazine.

“Children will drink them on the walk to school, at break and lunch time,” Tait said. “If you have got a child who is worked up on an energy drink, they are going to be agitated during lesson time.”

He added: “If pupils are feeling unwell they are likely to go and see the school nurse. If they come to you with these complaints, be aware that there may be a caffeine problem at the bottom of it.”

The warning comes with the likes of Red Bull and other caffeine-rich drinks becoming increasingly popular among younger consumers.

“Daily consumption of Red Bull should conform to a person’s intake of caffeine and the same is true of children,” a spokesperson for the company said. “In general children are more sensitive to caffeine than adults. This is why we do not recommend Red Bull to caffeine-sensitive individuals, including children.”