Sir; Rosemary Hignett of the FSA is at odds not just with the Salt Manufacturers' Association but with a number of independent experts (The Grocer, Letters, 9 September).

She religiously quotes the Salt and Health report, which was neither politically independent nor a thorough assessment of the science.

It was succeeded in 2004 by an independent review by the Cochrane Collaboration. The average blood pressure drop in the 3,500 people enrolled was negligible. The conclusion was that further research was needed to determine whether cutting salt intake would benefit the majority of the population.

We are concerned that the FSA is pressing forward with an approach that could be harmful. For example, an

expert on heat hazards has

expressed concerns that older people are being told to drink water in hot weather, but not to maintain salt levels. They are particularly vulnerable to heat stress, which causes loss of salt and water in sweat. This in turn thickens the blood and can lead to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.