Whisky producers have joined forces to produce what they describe as the toughest self-regulatory code by a specific alcoholic drinks sector anywhere in the world.
The Scotch Whisky Association’s new code of practice provides industry rules on the responsible marketing and promotion of Scotch whisky for SWA members in the UK.
The code will directly apply to all brand activities in the UK and, backed by an independent complaints panel, it will have the power to impose sanctions on distillers if the rules are breached. “If a complaint is
received it is important the code has teeth,” said a spokesman. “The SWA can request quick action or impose a fine. It can also issue press releases highlighting the breach.”
The code, which covers all commercial communications, covers topics including using the importance of actors over the age of 25 in commercials and portraying whisky as a drink to be savoured, not slammed.
The code also sets out best practice for export markets.