Overzealous local authorities in Scotland have started implementing new EU rules on disposing of animal byproducts two years before they are due to come into effect.
The controversial legislation, which will ban disposal of animal by-products by landfill to stop diseases like BSE spreading, was originally scheduled to come into force in January.
However, DEFRA and the Scottish Executive have agreed to postpone implementation of the new rules until the end of 2005 as the UK does not have alternative disposal facilities. But some Scots local authorities, which police the regulations, had decided to follow the original timetable, said new Scottish Grocers’ Federation president Hamish Stewart.
At this year’s SGF conference in St Andrews, Stewart said the approach was not “workable”.
Keynote speaker George Lyon MSP said he had already fielded complaints from butchers on the subject and promised SGF delegates to work with the Executive to persuade local authorities to put the legislation on ice for an interim period.
British Retail Consortium food policy director Richard Ali said the BRC had already made representations to the Scottish Executive and Scottish local authorities.
Anne Bruce