The hazards facing shop staff should be taken more into consideration when shopfitters create store designs. That was one recommendation to emerge from the Scottish Grocers' Federation's retail crime survey carried out in Aberdeen. The survey concluded that store managers should concentrate more on preventing crime than catching thieves. While there was a call for better quality CCTV, the report called for good outside lighting to deter thieves and those who intimidate shoppers. The report said retailers should develop a better understanding of police procedures, called for all crimes to be reported, and urged retailers to create more awareness of the problems they face. On Thursday the SGF, under its Operation Shop Keep scheme, unveiled a booklet showing guidelines for controlling crime in c-stores. At a conference attended by more than 100 retailers, SGF personnel and Strathclyde police, employees of Scottish c-store chains Botterills and Morning Noon & Night told of their experiences of being assaulted by a drunken female assailant in one instance, and held up at gunpoint by two balaclava clad robbers in another. {{NEWS }}