Bordeaux's efforts to improve its image will include TV advertising in the UK for the first time this year. A spokeswoman for the region's marketing body, the Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux (CIVB), said the winemakers had recognised the need to revitalise their image to attract new consumers. She said the plan was to demystify the region and promote the brand Bordeaux rather than try to explain its 57 appellations. "It is a question of reinventing the marketing for the whole region and getting to a younger audience," she said. It has set a budget of £1.45m which will pay for regional TV ads in the south in March and April and a range of sponsorship deals. The CIVB has signed up as a main sponsor of London Fashion Week-End for September this year and February in 2003. It has also signed a deal with the Hallmark Channel to sponsor Scrubs, its new 22-part comedy series on Sky launching in the UK this year. {{DRINKS }}