from Paul Walsh, sales and marketing director, Avanti Screenmedia

Sir; Further to Siân Harrington’s article (The new media moguls, The Grocer, September 4, p32) I believe screen media is very much here to stay.
The use of retail TV has significantly increased customer response to promotions and radically lifted sales from promoted/advertised products and their categories. It has also improved customer communications and brand image. However, these results were only achievable because the right screens were used in the right positions, with the right content and duration.
Research is the key to tempt the early adopting brands. Screen media offers agencies and their brands a real opportunity to measure return on investment via sales uplifts. Most media cannot do this.
I do not agree that the screen media proposition is built too much around the retailer’s interest. No retailer would roll out a screen media network without satisfying itself that its customers engage with it, support its value to them and are influenced positively by its messages. Otherwise it would never recover its investment.
In short, screen media works to create value for the retailer, but it must focus on what is right for its customers.
Get it right, and riches follow for the retail media brand, whether from ad sales, trade marketing, increased sales or improved customer journeys and retail brand experience.