The UK seafood industry has been invited to join forces in an unprecedented move to boost its public image.

Seafood leaders this week launched a high-profile campaign to address what many believe to be misinformation about the industry.

Backed by the Sea Fish Industry Authority (Seafish), the Pride in Seafood Campaign brings together fishermen, processors, major retailers, manufacturers, fish friers and caterers. Organisers say it will showcase the many positive aspects of the industry.

John Rutherford, Seafish chief executive, said: “The UK seafood industry is under both the political and public spotlight.  Too often, uninformed concerns about cod quotas and availability of fish stocks dominate the headlines, leading to public confusion about the current state of the industry and its end product. This could have serious knock-on effects for future recruitment - as well as for investment and consumer buying habits.

“The Pride in Seafood Campaign will address this by revealing to the nation the real facts about the industry. The seafood industry employs 136,000 people and is worth an estimated £3bn, making it critical to the wellbeing of the wider UK economy.”

The campaign will begin by researching the views of around 20,000 organisations which contribute to the UK’s seafood industry. This will include questionnaires and a telephone hotline geared to uncovering the best examples of good practice. A Pride in Seafood Awards will also recognise outstanding individuals, companies and organisations.