Desserts specialist Pâtisserie One is bidding to add a touch of novelty and class to the fixture with the launch of Tokyo Café ­ a range of jellies which the company claims offer a refreshing alternative to dairy-based pot desserts. Created by former Savoy Chef William Curley, the dessets are packaged in transparent pots which allow consumers to see the fruit inside. The six-flavour range comes in 175g pots and contains less than 130 calories per serving (rsp: 99p). All contain a flavoured jelly and two types of fruit. A spokesman said: "Tokyo Café adds a real point of difference to chiller cabinets. "The desserts are ideal as a palate-cleansing end to a meal or simply as a snack during the day and not only taste great but also look fantastic thanks to William's ingenious method of production." {{P&P }}