from Alan Toft, chairman, FWD My Shop Is Your Shop campaign

Sir; We need clarity from independent retailers in the run up to and on National Indpendents’ Day on June 1.

This year we hope that those retailers who are invited by their local radio station to promote the independent sector will do just that and not talk up the opposition from the major multiples. Last year, I heard one
independent give a three-minute plug for Tesco on local radio by complaining on air that he could not match the nearby Tesco prices. This year we hope that this valuable airtime will exclude all references to the multiples and all whingeing.

Local radio, especially, should be used to inform listeners of the convenience of the local family business, stores’ involvement with the local neighbourhood, the regular price offers which are good local value and the diversity which independents bring to the market.

Above all, retailers should emphasise in telling the interviewer that his shop is the community’s shop too - it’s a togetherness thing.