Sert-MST is to oversee the production and distribution of a new range of RSPCA-branded animal feed and accessories.

The range for wild animals comprises bird seed and bird tables, wild animal food and packets of wild flower seeds to make gardens more attractive to insects. Under its Petbase arm, Sert-MST will also produce bedding for small animals and litter for cats and bird houses.

The products would meet the RSPCA’s animal welfare and quality standards, a spokesman said, with the woodchip bedding sourced from sustainable forests. The first products will launch in January 2012 and roll out over the following few months. The company is hoping to secure listings in the mults as well as with major pet retailers, independent pet shops and RSPCA centres.

“Sert-MST has agreed to work with the Society to ensure all the products listed on this and any future licence agreement are manufactured for animal- loving consumers who really care about the welfare of animals, whether farmed, wild or domestic pets,” said RSPCA trading director Cathy Snow.

“We believe this will give the products a unique selling point. In addition, every product sold will be supporting the work of the RSPCA and helping us care for the animals in our many centres throughout England and Wales.”