The increasing “sexualisation” of alcoholic drinks marketing was the main reason for new products being withdrawn in 2004, according to the chairman of the Portman Group’s complaints panel.
Lord Condon said complaints were directed against pre-packaged cocktails with sexually explicit names, as well as other products which associated themselves with violent or anti-social behaviour or appealed to under-18s.
The Portman Group said 10 out of 11 complaints were upheld last year, resulting in eight products being withdrawn after retailers agreed not to stock them. In addition, two websites had to be changed.
A record number of companies asked advice from the Portman Group before launching new products, reflecting a mood of caution.
Chief executive Jean Coussins said: “Drinks producers have learned it pays to get it right first time. Requests to our pre-launch advice service increased by over a third in 2004.”