The magazine market retail sales value statistics from WH Smith News show a 12% increase to more than £187m according to the July monthly monitor from Seymour Marketing Department. This amounts to the highest ever monthly revenue figure for the magazine industry and a near 10% increase on the March 2000 three month moving average. The market for one shots and specials has leapt forward in terms of year on year growth during February to April with a near 50% increase on 1999 levels. Other markets with strong year on year growth include news and current affairs and general interest. The men's fashion/interest segment is also performing well, despite being down 10% on 1999 in the first quarter. Segments increasing their quarterly market share compared to March include comics & teenage, up to 7.6% from 5.8%, and men's interest, up to 5.4% from 4.1%. The three months from February to April 2000 have again been good to independents, a 0.2% increase in share bringing them back to the 40% market share level. Many of the supermarket groups and multiple CTNs were either static, compared to the previous three month period, or slightly down. Only T&S achieved a gain, adding 0.2% to its three monthly average from January to March. {{CTN }}