Delegates at this year's Scottish Grocers' Federation annual conference at St Andrews were confronted with a rather startling video montage featuring chief executive Scott Landsburgh and president Jim Botterill dressed up as ­ wait for it ­ the Men in Black.
Somewhat bizarrely, this was mixed in with the Reach for the Stars tune performed by S Club 7. The MIB2/S Club 7 theme continued throughout the conference ­ even featuring in the dinner on the last night.
All of which begged an obvious question: Why?
"Ah, that's a very good question," chuckled Landsburgh.
Sadly, it was nothing to do with promoting the SGF's efforts to fight off alien scum (ie: the English based supermarket chains) and more to do with giving the event a strong theme about looking to the future.
And like the Men in Black, those Scottish Grocers are also engaged in a fight against crime, in this case retail crime, with a new SGF survey unveiled in St Andrews showing 42% of staff in Scottish c-stores were threatened with violence in 2002.
President Jim Botterill explained before the conference that figure does not include threats to former president Eddie Thompson since he took over as chairman of Dundee Utd.